The Enchanted Wood is a place where the magical reality in Nature can be found.The Enchanted Wood is a world where everything is as it should be – where ecology is in balance. Any human who enters to discover the magic of the natural world lives as part and not separate from it. And it is where all other life forms we share our world with are valued and treated with respect.


At the heart of the Enchanted Wood is a place where artists share their visions of nature and our relationship to it using words, images and music.You will find a wide range of work from the site’s founders PLUS contributions by guest collaborators all on this theme when you venture into The Enchanted Wood.





Surrounding the wood are Dante’s Realms – monstrously destructive forces driven by humanity and their machines. The overlapping levels of this underworld are inspired by those of Dante’s inferno: Gluttony   Lust   Greed   Fraud   Avarice and Treachery resulting in such consequences as Plastic and oil pollution   Burning forests  Wasted landscapes    Imprisoned animals   Dying wildlife  and the very real potential of the planet’s demise.

Throughout human time the creative work of artists has made major contributions to how people have seen and thought about their world. At no point has it been more critical for the Earth itself for us to change the global vision which has led societies to be disconnected from nature and at odds with the well-being of our planet. To stem the onslaught and raise awareness and enlightenment to the devastating path the world is travelling.


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